March 16, 2011
latest listen

almost a month later - i’m still bummed i missed wye oak (i got to the decemberists concert late). the few songs i have heard linger and stay with me. i always love a good build up…

February 1, 2011

{in case you didn’t know}

once again, the northeast is getting hit with some MAJOR snow. thankfully i’ve got plenty of homework and workwork (and whiskey) to go along with the abundance of snow.

here you will find all the elements helping me survive this brutal winter & the elements making the winter brutal: annieP whiskey drank (honey/lemon simple syrup, maker’s mark, lemon zest, and a dash of cinn), winter boots, neightborhood snowbanks, wine nights, choosing the right footstep, cappuccino and homework while waiting for (ohsofresh!) laundry, mucho icicles, and the decemberists.

so, yes, the winter has been rough. i’m still doing OK.

tomorrow i may attempt some mulled wine… what is the appropriate time for that?

January 12, 2011
latest listen

just as 2010 was winding down i posted my top 5(ish) albums along with the preview for the new album by iron & wine. here is the first single (not a video though).

another album to look forward to! i really enjoy the previews that have been surfacing these days. the decemberists' new album, the king is dead, out on 1.18.11.

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