December 28, 2011
latest listen

once again my list of “top albums of the year” has no order of favorites, so i’m listing it as chronological because i feel like these 5(ish) albums have carried me through 2011.

last year left off with me counting down the days til the release of iron & wine’s kiss each other clean. sam beam never disappoints by providing a great range of sounds and tempos - hitting funky and folky in all the right ways.

i skipped along to march and through NPR i stumbled upon the gem that is diamond mines. king creosote & jon hopkins collaborated on this 30 minute (+ or -) beauty.

i feel like i’ve been listening to bon iver’s second album since january - but alas it’s only been since june. this album has been a lovely comfort for the past 6 months. {a cool breeze on a summer day or a warm blanket on cold nights} i’ll constantly return to the songs perth and holocene.

i hade been eagerly waiting for feist’s album, metals. the teasers were beautiful little snippets into the creative process which always make me happier. but i needed to get my hands on the whole thing.

the last shout outs for my list are washed out and fleet foxes. washed out has been a steady favorite for a change of musical pace and to get away from my typical pattern. i’ve also finally jumped on to the fleet foxes band wagon. it only took me a couple years.

on to 2012!

August 17, 2011
latest listen

i found king creosote and jon hopkins through NPR’s “all songs considered”. i’m really excited for this album to be released this september. from what i have heard it seems like it will be the perfect soundtrack to late fall and early winter. yes, i’m already planning for fall. stream the album here.

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